The EWI&I Developer

While I (Paul Verstraete) was a classroom teacher, I took a class on database development.  It was an introductory SQL class that introduced me to how data can be stored, retrieved, and manipulated.  I like learning new things, and it was part of a certificate in Internet Application Development.  It was like a religious experience.  I never saw the world the same way again.  Everything was data and data could be used to make better decisions.

As a teacher, I wrote my own classroom management program.  I programmed it to record student attendance, absences and days tardy, behavior, both good and bad, and it became my grade book.  I used this program to track my students on what I would later learn were their early warning indicators (EWIs).  By keeping an eye on these three simple things, attendance, behavior, and course performance, I learned that I could predict who would and would not succeed after they left my 9th grade class.

Now I work for one of the foremost research institutions on EWIs, Johns Hopkins University, and for one of EWIs groundbreaking researchers, Dr. Robert Balfanz.  It was while working as a school turnaround facilitator at a middle school in Detroit, that I did what I did as a teacher.  I wrote a program to track the students I was working with.  I wrote it to make my job easier.  It has since become an official product of Johns Hopkins and is being used in more than 20 schools across the country.

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