Site Disclaimer

This website was developed by Paul Verstraete (me), as a place to showcase not only the Early Warning Indicator and Intervention (EWI&I) Data Tracker  (a product of Talent Development Secondary at the Johns Hopkins University Center for the Social Organization of Schools), but also the educational philosophy and theory the tracker is based on.

These ideas have been highly influenced by my work as a classroom teacher in New Orleans as well as a school turnaround specialist for Johns Hopkins.  Work that has taken me from New Orleans, to Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles, and at least 10 other cities and states across the country.  Work that I find truly fulfilling and useful, hopefully, to teachers working to help students that would otherwise drop out of school.

The Tracker was, and continues to be developed at Talent Development Secondary.  This website is NOT an official document of the University, the School of Education, or Talent Development Secondary.  It is instead a place for me to express my own educational philosophy, suggestions, and showcase those ideas.  They are therefore placed under my own copyright and NOT that of Johns Hopkins University.

To learn more about me, you can visit my professional portfolio.

You can learn more about Talent Development Secondary by visiting their website.